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Orgasm Denial and Orgasm Control Phone Sex
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I'm Ms Lauren and I adore controlling the male orgasm. So many men wank their cocks furiously and cum whenever the mood strikes them. These men do not only themselves a diservice, but also the ladies in their lives. The penis exisists solely to give a woman pleasure. To use your cock for your own selfish pleasure is an abomination! Real men learn quickly that their cock is not their own. It belongs to the dominant women who know how and when masturbation should be allowed. Orgasm control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial make the male submissive much more pliant to his Mistresses demands. Giving up control of your orgasm lets your femdom Mistress know you're serious about her pleasure... more serious about her pleasure than your own. To discuss your own experiences or fantasies concerning orgasm denial, orgasm control and teasing and denial, call Ms Lauren at 1-800-730-7415.

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